Wednesday, November 2


We love Halloween, so we used our costumes every chance we could all weekend.

And what on earth were our costumes?

Well Addy was a duck (which gave her the most amazing ghetto booty), I was an egg with a "duck on the way" (kinda lame, but I was in charge of a lot of stuff that night and I wanted to be comfortable), and Doug? He was the Tooth Fairy. HA!!!!

Now Doug takes costumes very seriously, but he was stuck this year and couldn't think of anything he was excited about. So he finally gave into my pressuring. He had some leftover fake teeth from some dentures and glued them to parts of his costume, and they looked disgustingly real. I thought he looked hilarious.

In fact, people at church agreed that he looked hilarious and gave him a prize. It's the first costume prize he's earned in all our years here, and he's so annoyed that it came the one year I took over and made him do something he didn't even love. SUCKER!
(Can you see the "yep yeps" from Sesame Street on the right? So awesome.)

He did end up having fun walking up to people, getting in their face, and saying, "That's a nice incisor... give it to me." It's good practice for when he graduates.

Our little fat duck was very squishy and cute, and she really liked her costume--although you'd never know from her expression. Here's her looking too serious at the Halloween music time.

Good times.


Mortensen Baby Farm said...


Everyone looks great and I am lovin it!

Charity Brown said...

hey... there's Caylee! :)

Liz Smith said...

GREAT costume, Doug! seriously.!!!