Friday, November 4

her hairs

Last week we faced a problem that was a long-time coming... what to do with Addy's Lloyd Christmas/monk layer in the back of her head.

Long ago when her hair was really starting to grow, over time she rubbed a bald spot onto the back of her head whilst she slept. That caused her to have two distinct layers with about a 4-inch difference (you can kinda see that below). Stylish.

After months of people cautiously asking, "So, did you cut that layer on purpose?", we finally agreed that it was time to create some more layers between the monk layer and the original layer.
We decided to do it before we changed our minds. Doug went to town cutting, Addy entertained herself with her feet in the sink, and in no time we had some new layers that we both agreed were an improvement.



eric + ashlee said...

After talking Halloween costumes last night I had to look your zombie one up and wow. That was so clever. I love when people get into Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. Oh and Addie's hair cut is super cute. That is brave of Doug to cut it but even braver of you to trust him!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Cute as a button!

Furniss Family said...

Doug did a good job :) He's quite the hairdresser :) That Addy is cute no matter what though, even if she did actually look like Lloyd Christmas, lol.

Lindy said...

Love the Halloween costumes and love the new haircut!

Michal Thompson said...

doug is quite the hair dresser. He does just about everyone in the family!