Friday, November 18

high five

This morning just before we got up for the day, Doug rolled over and said, "High five for 5 years."

5 jobs,
4 countries,
3 races,
2 universities,
1.5 baby girls,
& only 1 trip to the ER.

High five indeed. Happy anniversary, babe.


Liz Smith said...

Happy 5th! love you guys! :)

the Allers said...

High 5 indeed. If ER trips is a sign, I think you're gonna make it. We most definitely are not as we have had at least 2 per year since nuptials. Keep it up team Shafer!

Karisa and John said...

Wait, 4 countries? Where in the world have you been? I know you went somewhere cool on your honeymoon (either a cruise or S. America, am I right?), but I can't think of where else you've visited.

Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You guys are a fabulous couple. 5 years sounds so grown-up.