Monday, November 14

our little weirdo

The other morning Addy came to me with a new trick... stretching out her smile with her fingers.

My first thought was, "Where does she get this stuff?!" and then my next thought was, "Let's get on PhotoBooth. Stat."
Yeah, I'm in my robe. So sue me.

After a morning photo shoot, she wanted to show Doug her trick when he got home later.

By the end, she was just sitting back and watching us make idiots of ourselves. Man, we love that girl.


The Fox Family said...

I love you guys! You crazies!!

Traci said...

My kids were looking over my shoulder at your post. They are now stretching out their smiles! I think Addy started a trend.

KaSs MiLeS said...

story always does that too. climbs on my lap "lets take a picture!!" then she pulls her mouth open like that. little girls are silly!

Stacey said...

Cute! I bet her cheeks were getting tired from being streched out! Hannah =)

Joyce said...

Cute little girl, as always - but I've gotta tell you. That pic of Doug is eye and a pointed head.

madeline said...

cutest. maybe this could be your christmas card??