Sunday, December 4


This Thanksgiving my sister Cydney came down with her family. We kept it classy and decided to eat out... at Cracker Barrel. We were surrounded by both dress clothes and camouflage. It was fun, tasty, and easy. And as grateful I am for fun and ease, I'm even more grateful I got to spend the day with my family.

One should always eat out on Thanksgiving with a school-made pilgrim and indian

Dessert at home... mmmm boy

Yay for cousins, moustaches, and air mattresses in your family room

We also shopped, played games, and ran around outside. We even got a sweet bonus visit with our Aunt Kris, Uncle Craig, and cousin Katelyn who were here visiting Kurt. It was a good weekend indeed.


Alicia said...

Addy is looking more and more like a big girl every day! I can't believe how fast these kiddos are grown up. :( and :)

Michal Thompson said...

going out to eat on thanksgiving would be kadi's dream come true.