Tuesday, December 6

totally wicked

So I've been a fan of the musical "Wicked" since before we got married. I knew the music, but I'd never seen the show. When we moved east of the Mississippi we vowed to see it, but to save ourselves for Broadway (cue jazz hands).

With our east coast time winding down, we finally decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary/my 30th birthday by going up to the city at Christmastime and see the show. We drove up to NJ, and then Cydney watched Addy for the day while we took the train up and experienced what we like to call the New York Mega-Date.

Christmas window shopping (our favorites? Tiffany's and Bergdorf Goodman... well done, 5th Avenue)

The Rock in daylight (sadly, no Tina Fey)

Doug holding hands with an idol in FAO Schwartz

(I think you'll be pleased to see we took FULL advantage of the self-portrait pose. It's almost like we just superimposed ourselves in front of a bunch of NY tourist traps. Tricky, eh?)

Central Park

The Rock at night

Times Square

Finally seeing and LOVING "Wicked"

Maybe we were hungry, but I was really craving pizza so we found this delicious formerly-known-as-Ray's pizza place that was so SO good. But have you seen that Office clip where Michael talks about his favorite NY pizza? We were almost tempted to eat there too.

We had time to see everything on our Christmas sight-seeing list, and even had time to just sit in the ridiculousness that is Times Square, sip hot chocolate, and share a black and white cookie. The weather was perfect, and we loved how easy-going the whole day was.

The whole mega-date was a true, true success.


Elizabeth said...

SO FUN! Anytime we see a Sbarro, one of us says the exact same thing.

Katie said...

Jealous! What an amazing mega date!

The Fox Family said...

man you managed to see everything! What an awesome day! I love your preggo belly and your silly pose inside Wicked! so cute! I am glad it lived up to your wildest dreams.

Hksedwick said...

I heart new york and I heart joug and dackie!

Alicia said...

Sounds like a super mega awesome day! Glad you guys lived it up. :)

Liz Smith said...

*sigh* LOVE wicked. LOVE NYC. sounds like the perfect megadate.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

That's totally wicked!

Dallings said...

Way to go! That looked like a lot of fun.