Thursday, January 5

la navidad

We got to be with Doug's parents for Christmas this year. Addy was the only grandkid there, and she ate up all the attention. Ate. It. Up. 

She was in a great mood on Christmas Eve. She loved pointing out Baby Jesus and was a spectacular angel. She even kinda understood the idea of Santa and had a blast opening everybody's presents.

Christmas Eve + jammies

 Christmas morning

Off to church and matchy match (I wore the wrong colors, so I didn't make the cut for the picture)

 Apron from Grandma Shawn (it's already been used a LOT)
 Baby and old-school nightgown from Grandma Joyce (we all had the same type of nightgown when we were little)

Doug's most beloved gift... a box set of baseball cards

Staying classy with some Martinelli's

Walking around the Mt. St. Helens visitor center down the road from their house (see the volcano in the background? I think Addy's giving it a shifty look, just in case it blows)

Watching football with Grandpa

We got to watch movies, go to the movies, talk about movies, and play games. We baked, we relaxed, and we had a great time.

Traveling home. Yeah, I just liked these pictures of her. Shut up.

We also got to overlap with Ben and Whitney for a day, but I failed to get a single picture of them. Laaame. But it was so fun to hang out with them and their kids!

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