Wednesday, February 1

christmas tree shops

They're not just for the holidays, folks.

We recently got our very own Christmas Tree Shop just 2 minutes from our house. My family first discovered this happy place when my parents lived in Rhode Island, and now my sisters have them in NJ. It took some time for us to be believers, but oh baby... now we believe.

Despite the name, it's not a Christmas store. It's like a dollar store on crack. It has killer discounts on things for your house, toys, party gear, and--like my sister says--stuff you never knew you needed.

So, Richmonders, give it a chance. And prepare yourselves to lose track of your time and your money.


Bonnie and Mike Meyerson said...

I'm really jealous Jackie! I love that place. We definately need one in Utah!

Charity Brown said...

I have always thought it was just a Christmas store... so good to know! Thanks!!!

Alicia said...

Oh shoot. You shouldn't have told me that. I'm going. Today. I wish I still thought it was a Christmas store.

Traci M said...

We have one here and I love that place!

Katie said...

Man that place is so random! We have one in Jersey and I always thought it was a Christmas store too. Dollar store on crack is the best way to describe it.