Tuesday, February 7

the day annual precipitation settled a marital dispute

Doug grew up in a wee town in western Washington called Aberdeen. Any time I talk about how rainy it is in the Northwest, he loves to tell me it's not as wet there as I think. Whatev.

A few weeks ago he checked out a book from the library called "Extreme Weather." He wanted it because it had some cool info in it about tornadoes or something.

So in the car on the way home, I was flipping through it and came upon a chapter about rain and floods. I was about to turn the page when I stopped dead in my tracks... there was tiny "Aberdeen, WA" on a chart. #1 on the chart, in fact:
See that? It's THE wettest city in the whole US of A by average annual precipitation. And not just by a little bit--a LOT.

I not-so-humbly showed Doug, and seriously we couldn't stop laughing. Seeing little Aberdeen on a chart alongside such larger cities like Mobile and Miami was such a treasure.

Such a treasure...


Katie said...

I am shocked that Sitka or any SE Alaska town isn't on the list. Pretty funny!

Karisa and John said...

What I like most about this is that Doug got an extreme weather nonfiction book from the library! John does nerdy stuff like that all the time! Those guys would be bffs if they just knew each other a little better.

heather said...

I always give that same response to Ry whenever he talks about the rain in WA - that it's honestly not as much as people think. But lo and behold: I grew up in #5 on the other chart. HA! I guess we just get used to it and don't know any different? Thanks for the laugh. :)