Tuesday, March 6

this guy

- Is addicted to baseball cards
- Is an ebay wiz
- Is fighting a wicked cough right now (he and I are quite the pair)
- Is SO glad he passed Part 1 of his board exams this weekend

- Is less than 3 months away from being a real dentist


CYD said...

And wait-how did I not know he loved baseball cards. So does Phil-we should get them together sometime. ;)
p.s. a note to Doug-you owe me BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!! Phil was considering a $695 purchase b/c it was a good deal. Yes-those are hundreds. I almost killed him. And then I'd drive to VA and kill you. Oh, and glad you're almost a dentist!!

Stacey said...

He's all grown up . . . . or maybe not. He'll always be a kid at heart.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

I am so proud I should wear a GO Doug tshirt!

Adda Boy!