Tuesday, April 17


Our neighborhood is crawling with green inchworms. They hang down from the trees from their silk threads. One is cool, two are interesting... thirty are terrifying. Going for a walk is extremely dangerous.

I didn't realize it, but apparently the worms have made quite an impression on Addy. Here's the proof:

At church Addy was looking through this board book we have of paintings of Christ. She found this painting of Christ and Mary, and turned to Doug and said, "Worm!" Doug was super confused until she pointed at Mary's sleeve and said it again.

What. The. Heck.

The little eagle-eye had found an inchworm. Obviously she was pointing out a little-mentioned part of Mary's experience at the tomb. Thank goodness it was only one.


the meyersons said...

Are you sure that isn't like a look and find?

Like Highlights Magazine?

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Wow that kid is amazing!

no joke - word verification:
insect tickil


Michal Thompson said...

we have those too, I agree, they are disgusting in numbers

Maddy said...

that is hilarious!! these worms are so gross, so i'm not surprised they left such an impression :)

CYD said...

that's hilarious. to be a kid and see the world through their eyes. they probably see the weirdest things...