Wednesday, May 30

moving bites

Last week we said good-bye to Virginia. It was an exhausting week full of packing, cleaning, and one farewell after another.

We're excited for the adventure ahead, but MAN I've loved living in VA. After a couple trips there in high school, I'd always wanted to live there. Well, done and done. I'll miss the history, the scenery, the shopping, the beach, the ya'lls, and most of all the people.

So now we're on the road, taking a few weeks to drive cross-country and visit family. If you need us, we're the homeless family driving in the middle of the country somewhere.

Wednesday, May 23

blessing gracie

On Mother's Day we blessed our sweet little Grace.

Doug gave the blessing, and we were so grateful for the family and friends that joined us.

Grace wore the same gown Addy did, a dress my mom made to look like my wedding gown.

Now THAT was a happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 22

the graduate

We're so proud of Doug Shafer, DDS!


Did you hear them call him Doctor?! Crazy cool.

senior gala

The week of graduation the dental school hosts a gala (yes, GALA) for the graduates. We dined, we danced, we drank excessive amounts of soda from the open bar. 

We had a blast with these peeps.

In classic Shafer style, we misplaced our camera and didn't get any shots. Thank goodness we could borrow these from others that were more prepared.

White people dancing at its best
It was a great night!

Tuesday, May 8

the burning of the scrubs

Good riddance, green scrubs.

Good riddance, indeed.

Sunday, May 6

sister sister

Addy and Grace are getting the hang of this sister thing. They don't fight about borrowing clothes and I never hear them gossiping about each other (except for when Addy tells people "Gracie spit!").

Addy does get jealous from time to time, but overall she loves her little sister (sometimes to excess... "smothering with kisses" has new meaning). She tries to share toys, blankets, and even snacks with her. And I love how Addy runs to Grace first thing in the morning and says over and over "Hi, Gwace!" I even heard her call her "Gwacie Girl" the other day. Priceless.

This may be a little premature, but I think I can safely say they're sister BFFs already.

gracie grows

2 weeks

3 weeks

1 month