Sunday, June 24

delightful denver

Next stop: Denver... to stay with my sister, Jessica, and her fam.

Addy loved all the cousin time... I swear we hardly saw her

Self explanatory, no?

So get THIS: one evening a ridiculous storm came through that put us in the basement for a few hours. Seven tornadoes came through, the hail was inches deep (our poor car), and the lightning was non-stop for hours. I have honestly never experienced a storm like that. And yes, I am a tornado magnet. 
Watching the storm when things were less scary

Checking out the new elephant pad at the Denver Zoo
Gooooo Cougars!

Costa Vida, baby!

Yes, that's a mohawk. And yes, it lasted long enough for him to go into public like that. The children were afraid.
Pool time
Gracie met more and more cousins!

 We had a blast and felt very loved by the Mortensens, tornadoes and all.


Michal Thompson said...

my dad was here with us when that storm came through. My mom was on the road and had to stop, we prayed she would make it home safe. Glad you are all okay!

Kristin said...

Lest you think I am a weird stalker from the ward... I promise I am not. I found you on Facebook and then saw your blog and was enamored by your cute little family and then saw the name Mortensen as I was glancing at your posts. My maiden name is Mortensen! Anyway, glad you are part of the ward and hope you are getting settled in. =)