Wednesday, June 27

utah ties

I love visiting Utah. We both have so many ties there that we could seriously spend weeks doing everything we want to do and seeing everyone we want to see.

So whilst we were there, we got to see...

Our dear VA friends, the Hutchisons,

our beloved friends from college, the Allers,

and our good ol' alma mater, the BYU.

And you'll love this: the Allers were kind enough to watch Addy in the BYU bookstore while we bought a few things (including chocolate-covered cinna bears... oh baby). They were letting them play with some watches, but they put them all back. They thought. We got half-way across campus before we realized Addy had fallen asleep with one solitary stolen watch. 
She'll never make it into BYU with that on her record.

Thanks, Utah. We can't wait to think of an excuse to come back!


Karisa and John said...

I'm so glad for this Hutichison connection. (NOT HutchiNson, as the Milwaukee Katie always clarifies.) That family is hilarious.

Whenever we go to Utah, we have to maintain a low profile because of the TONS OF Utah peeps we know. You're brave to blog about it! (I mean, you haven't gotten any "you were in Utah and you didn't visit us!" hate mail yet, right?)

Karisa and John said...

By the way, they're in Russia now, right? Katie mentioned it the other day. That is so cool.