Wednesday, August 1

a makeover story

Part of getting settled in our new house has been hunting down cheap furniture and then fixing it up. And then taking a glamour shot of it.

Lucky for us, Oregon is the land of garage sales. It is ABSURD how many garage sales go on every weekend. It's also the land of the Goodwill Outlet, a bizarre place that marks down furniture so low that you can walk away with a nightstand or a dresser for $1.

So here was our first project: We wanted a cabinet to store a bunch of cluttered books and journals. We got this at a garage sale for super cheap. It has deep shelves inside, but obviously it was ugly. (Obviously.)



All it took was laminate-covering primer, trim, paint, and new handles. And a lot of arguing and sweating to get it upstairs into our bedroom.


Katie Chandler said...


emily and logan said...

WOW!! I am super impressed! I have a really ugly bookcase that I am now taking a second look at....

Dallings said...

Wow I want to go to Oregon. That looks great guys!