Wednesday, August 8


Doug and I looked forward to the Oregon International Airshow for weeks. We live right by the airport, so we knew we'd have great (free!) seats. 

But we were completely unprepared for how. dang. LOUD the jets would be. They shook the house every time they rehearsed or performed, and Addy has gone from loving airplanes to saying, "The airplanes scare me in my room." Ay caramba.

So while it was a traumatic weekend for our girls, we still have to admit... jets are pretty freaking cool.

PS- Doug forced Gracie to take one for the team to make this video. You'll see.


Emily said...

LOL! That's awesome. And I agree... it is totally worth it. :)

AnnaYoung said...

Yeah, jets are cool, but sometimes, they're jsut annoying.

We got these for the girls

Best $15 we've EVER spent! Last air show was enjoyable! not ot mention fire alarms bearable.