Saturday, August 11

cannon beach

On Monday we headed to Cannon Beach, beloved beach of my youth and "Goonies" hot spot. It's only an hour away, and in the peak of summer it's worthy of a swimsuit (the rest of the year you only go there in sweatshirts and pants).

Our beach baby (beach girl?) loved it, and as always she could have stayed there all day.


Grace never touched the sand, but she enjoyed sitting up and sleeping like a rockstar.


Brittany said...

Oh I love Cannon Beach (also the beach of my childhood)! That's awesome that you can just go to it whenever you please. Go eat at Doogars and get the clam chowder for me!

Jake Spurlock said...

The end of Goonies was shot down the road from our house at Goat Rock beach where I go climbing all the time.

AnnaYoung said...

Ooooh the sand!! Sand in the region! nooooo!! I hope you had buckets of baby powder like I always do anytime we visit a sandy destination.

Other than hating sand, I enjoy the beach. Let's pretend I was there with you, ok? ok. :)