Friday, August 10

smell you later

I have great news for me and anyone I complain to: I can SMELL today.

My sense of smell has been coming back bit by bit for the past week, and since I haven't smelling since October or so, I'm pretty psyched.

However, I am surprised that there are so many scents I've forgotten about. Here's a list of smells I've rediscovered just today:
- Cinnamon
- Wet Luvs diapers
- B.O.
- Roses (ROSES!)
- Chocolate
- Paint fumes
- Addy's shampoo
- Laundry detergent
- Cologne
- Dish soap

and last and best of all...
- Baby skin! I've never really smelled Grace, and I swear I'm weirding her out because all I do is smell her neck. But oh MAN I love the smell of that baby!


Emily said...

Yay!! I hoped Oregon would help you with that. :) We do have our perks. And I LOVE the smell of baby skin! So awesome that you have a sense of smell again, and a baby to enjoy!

CYD said...

hooooray! that brings a smile to my face. let's hope this trend continues. could it be the gluten thing or haven't you started yet?

The Standrings said...

I too love the smell of babies!! Especially freshly bathed babies!! By the way, just as I was reading this post to Jimmer, (we are on a mini road trip to Denver), he said, "speaking of the shafers..." as we drove by a sign that had your last name on it. Anyway, random I know, but we miss u guys.

Megan said...

Hooray! Baby smell is the best. Hope your smelling abilities stick around!

The Miles Family said...

Jackie this news is HUGE!! I can't imagine how annoying that would be to not smell..the good stuff that is. :) I really am so happy for you. Oregon air has done you good!

And the air show out on your porch looked fun. How perfect! We actually made the mistake of paying the money a couple of weeks ago..and learned it's not as fun being scorched on the pavement with little kids!!

Miss you!

Michal Thompson said...

do you think it has to do with where you live or pregnancy/nursing stuff?