Tuesday, September 11

hell, fire, and damnation

Addy's learning the alphabet, and she loves to have us write different letters for her. On Sunday at church she handed Doug a purple crayon and started whispering letters for him to write down. She said, "Do D for Daddy." So Doug wrote a big letter D.  "Now A for Addy." He wrote an A next to the D. "And M for Mommy." He wrote M. He assumed she'd ask for "G for Gracie" next like she normally does, but she threw him a curve ball and said, "Now do... N!"

He started to write it, but then realized he'd be writing DAMN in big purple letters on the church bulletin. He felt weird so he just wrote a G instead.

Hilariously innocent? Maybe, except she did the same thing to him yesterday at story time at the library. Our theory is she secretly knows how to spell and she's totally messing with him.

That's my girl.


Stacey said...

Have her do B for Ben and S for Stacey. What do you get for her uncle and aunt???

Richard Sedwick said...

That is my favorite!