Wednesday, October 17

children's books, yo

I have a very hard time reading stories to my girls that I think are stupid. Kids' books don't have to be fine literature, but at LEAST make them funny, charming, or clever (preferably all three). If they meet all of the above, I'm even okay with them not making sense.

That being said, I've compiled the "Top 5 Books I Don't Mind Reading to Addy Again and Again (and Again)":
Goodnight, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann
(I love the hidden story of the balloon, banana, and neighbors at the window.)

Barnyard Dance! by Sandra Boynton
(We've even choreographed a dance for this. For real.)

Gossie by Olivier Dunrea
("Great boots," said Gertie. Gossie smiled.) (Best page EVER.)

Our Tree Named Steve by Alan Zweibel, illustrated by David Catrow
(David Catrow is a rockstar illustrator.)

I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by David Catrow
(This oozes self esteem.)


Katie Chandler said...

I believe a video of your choreographed dance is in order.

Alicia said...

We LOVE Gossie! You should get the blue goose book (same series). The goose burps bubbles (and Wade obliges with real burps). The kids laugh so hard I swear they are going to pee their pants.

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

I have never heard of any of those! Time for me to check them out! I also second the dance on video.

Karisa and John said...

Ooh, good ones Jackie. Two more to add to your list are Alistair's Elephant and A Sick Day for Amos McGee. And maybe Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing. (That last one is Cole's current obsession.)

When I do the Barnyard Dance book with my boys, I actually sound like a square dance caller. It's very realistic!

Sara B. said...

Hey Jackie. It's Cyd's friend, Sara!! Love your reading selection. When you read these books over and over it is important to like them. If you don't have "Bear Snores On" you should get it. I find myself begging my kids to pick it so I can read it. One of my absolute FAVS!! Cute story. Not too short, not too long. Injust love it.

Your kids are adorable, BTW!!!!

Joy and Ted said...

Love the list! We haven't read the last three so I'm excited to check them out. AND so glad you got to visit your parents. Calling you soon because it has been too long! Miss ya!

davenash said...

I Like Myself is one of our favorites. We especially appreciate the "messy hair" illustration...since it's something we deal with on most mornings. Mia recently observed that ottoman in the living room illustration serves little purpose since the character's legs are too short to reach it anyway. What a fun book list!

Michal Thompson said...

thx for sharing! Or you could write your own book like gru!