Thursday, October 11

grandpa & grandma time

Last week I braved a trip to Bama with just me and the girls. It was tricky, but SO worth it to go see my parents.

Grace and Addy both did great flying, except for when they didn't. It's possible that at one of our layovers, I had a minute where Grace was freaking out due to exhaustion and Addy was laying on the middle of the floor sucking her thumb. We worked through it, though.

Once we got to Grandma and Grandpa's, the vacation began. We played, we rested, and the girls did whatever they wanted! It's safe to say grandparents are WAY more fun than parents.

Addy called this bucket full of water her swimming pool... ha!
Giant baby!
Watching movies in the master bedroom

We also scored and got to be there to celebrate Grandma's birthday. We love that lady!

My Dad's sister was in Atlanta visiting my cousin, so we met half-way at a restaurant in exotic Oxford, Alabama. We loved catching up.

We also loved checking out Oxford, because my Mom actually has some ancestors from there. We even tried to do a bit of family history at a library there to see if we could learn more about them. Very cool!

And it wouldn't be a trip to AL without helping out with the flowers at the Birmingham Temple. Addy was especially helpful, watering flowers and running amuck.

We really had a fabulous time. It was great to just visit and get spoiled by my parents!

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The Fox Family said...

I kinda feel like you were a skip and a jump from Virginia. Hello..pit stop? You came that far might as well, right?