Saturday, October 20

here comes the rain

The rain has started. Not so good if you ride your bike to work.

But he's smiling. Perhaps that's the sign of a true Pacific Northwesterner?


Emily said...

Dave and I keep looking at each other and saying things like, "Listen to the rain, isn't it awesome!" or "It smells SO good outside!" or "Yay! It's raining again!"

Yes, we will get tired of the rain before the end of spring, and it can often be a pain to do normal things like ride a bike to work, or go grocery shopping in the rain (especially with children!), but we have genuinely missed the rain, and so far, we're happy to see it again.

Dustin said...

represent the northwest! Actually, I can't decide if I feel excited to go back to oregon because of the beauty in the pictures or depressed because of the many many overcast days...hope you guys are doing well there!