Wednesday, November 7


Last week Doug told me we had a pigeon problem on our roof. I arrogantly laughed at him, thinking we had a few Mourning Doves hanging out. Hardly a problem, right?

Well, I walked alongside the house and I was stunned to see this:

And I as I disgustingly inspected our poo-covered meter, I heard the cooing of the pigeons. I looked up and saw a ton of them covering our roof, very Hitchcock-like.

[Photo not available. I was too freaked out.]

We've noticed they like to flock from our roof, to the neighbors, and then across the street. We have no idea how we became a pigeon hot spot, but we're so glad those rats with wings chose us.


the meyersons said...

Ooh! Oooh!! I know why! One of your neighbors is feeding them. We had the same problem. They stopped feeding them, they went away. Stupid pigeons.

Michal Thompson said...

Have you ever seen hitchcocks movie " the birds" Maybe its time you see it!