Thursday, December 20


Don't let this darling face fool you... this girl is teething and is quite miserable throughout the night.

We're all tired and feeling that teeth are overrated. Even Doug agrees.

birthday partying

My birthday was Tuesday, but we mostly partied on Monday because Doug had the day off. We dined at the Chart House Restaurant downtown where we had our wedding dinner long ago. The view was killer and we even saw a rainbow (a birthday miracle?).

On the actual day we woke up to a bit of snow. Grace's first. It was lovely.

I also got to celebrate by shopping with Doug and going out to lunch with my sister, Stacey. Oh, and there was lava cake AND german chocolate cake involved. Makes a girl glad she was born!

Thursday, December 13

good homes

This has been on my mind a lot lately, so I'm just going to finally do it.

We know some great people that are looking to adopt. If you know a child that needs a home, please think of these families! We can vouch for every one of them... they are wonderful people.

Click on their names to learn more about them.

Dana and Kelli Gailan, Washington State (Dana and Doug are childhood friends)

Thomas and Lindy Davies, Virginia (friends from Richmond)

Tim and Chelsey Sanford, North Carolina (friends from Richmond)

Dave and Ashley Gay, Utah (friends from Richmond)

Did I miss anybody because I'm a space case? Let me know!

Tuesday, December 11

feeling festive

Cookies, Zoo Lights, and Gingerbread Houses. Booya.

Thursday, December 6

oh Christmas tree

Oh what fun we had at the Christmas tree farm! (Note: we're still happy because we haven't gotten our tree home and tried to set it up yet.)

Addy voted for that little tree on the right. She was overruled.

our cutest ornament

Doug and his Doug Fir

it stopped raining... phew!

real live reindeer
Grace, super nice Santa, and Addy

Monday, December 3

bigger and bigger

Our Gracie girl just keeps on growing!

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months
Oh that hair...

Sunday, December 2

we gave thanks

We celebrated Thanksgiving with part of mi familia. My parents, sister Jessica and fam, and sister Stace and fam. Stacey hosted a delicious dinner (with bonus guests, Uncle Lee and Aunt Linda), and we got to shop, go to the movies, and play at the beach.

I don't have all the pictures, but here's the gist of it: 
Dr. Doug and visitors Luke, Reagan, and Kennedy

First Thanksgiving and first time as a turkey
Playing with Grandpa

Beach pic of the year (century?)

Sisters (just missing Cyd and Jenn)

An advertisement for the Oregon Coast

Tutu + football + play shoes = her Dad's dream come true

Gracie fires off a round