Thursday, December 20

birthday partying

My birthday was Tuesday, but we mostly partied on Monday because Doug had the day off. We dined at the Chart House Restaurant downtown where we had our wedding dinner long ago. The view was killer and we even saw a rainbow (a birthday miracle?).

On the actual day we woke up to a bit of snow. Grace's first. It was lovely.

I also got to celebrate by shopping with Doug and going out to lunch with my sister, Stacey. Oh, and there was lava cake AND german chocolate cake involved. Makes a girl glad she was born!


Karisa and John said...

Oh my gosh. Happy birthday Jackie! I am the worst friend!

How does 31 feel? We got your darling Christmas card the other day, by the way. You guys are contenders for the most beautiful family on our kitchen cabinets!

melissa said...

I'm embarrassingly late on wishing you a happy birthday. I guess I've kind of made missing birthdays my thing. Lame, I know. So anyways, happy belated birthday! You're even more beautiful and awesome then when we first met. I'm grateful to have you in my life (even though it's mostly an email-only part of my life these days... still, better than nothing!)