Wednesday, January 30

an epic morning

Last Saturday we checked out the Portland Children's Museum for absolutely free, courtesy a program through our library (thanks, books!). Aaand since the museum shares a parking lot with the Oregon Zoo and we have season passes, we did the obvious thing and ran in for 20 minutes or so.

Needless to say we had an epic morning by Addy's standards.

Water station (can someone build one of these in my garage?)

It took us a looong time to realize she was standing here, slowly getting her hair soaked

Most construction workers pick flowers

Play grocery and cafe, by far Addy's favorite

Gracie still awake!

Clay station with Dad

Gracie asleep! (victory!)

Penguins at the zoo

Chilling with a primate


Emily said...

We used that pass to get into the Children's Museum last year! Totally awesome... except that we accidentally went on the "discount Tuesday" for the Zoo and couldn't find parking for like an hour. yuck.

But so much fun!

Joy and Ted said...

She's such a big girl!!