Sunday, January 20

la princesa doctora

We're not ones to push the idea of princesses with our girls. We're not anti-royalty, we're just anti the entitled, self-centered attitude of the girls with "PRINCESS" printed across their behinds. Addy knew Nemo and Lightning McQueen long before she knew Ariel and Belle, because I was afraid she'd get hooked on princesses and never look back.

As she's gotten older, she knows more of the princess movies. We've gone along with a few toys here and there (and you better believe she was Cinderella for Halloween simply because her cousin had a cute costume that fit her), but overall we try to leave it alone.

Alas, try as we might, the princess addiction found her. Now she's consumed. She'll come down with a church skirt and a t-shirt on over her normal clothes and announce that she's a princess. And isn't she pretty? She doesn't ask me to kiss her feet or buy her a BMW, but I still cringe inside.

We do try to make some backhanded comments like, "Oh, you're a good leader? And you're kind and helpful to other people? That's great." Are we trying too hard? Of course we are. But hopefully society can thank us for that in 15 years when she's not an absolute diva.

That being said, you can imagine my joy when she was playing the other day (wearing the church dress she'd picked out) and started poking at her teddy bears' mouths with a pencil. She turned to me and said, "Mom! I'm a princess doctor. I'm working on their teeth."

Well, Dr. Princess, that's something I can work with.

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AnnaYoung said...

My girls run around with capes yelling "We're superhero princesses! We're princess superheros!!" And I'm totally cool wiht that. They also shout "WE're ARMY GIRLS!" Which I find weird since TYler's in teh Air Force, but whatever. So, yeah, I never bought the princess-ey decor, but they're both obsessed with dresses and refuse pants (Which I don't understand). However, I have found that as I age, I am more and more willing to accept a tiarra as a valid present that I would totally wear all the time. I don't buy them branded clothes, but as far as their imagination, I let them have at it. We're working on chorse to earn money to buy things (no, not hitting your sister isn't a way to earn money). So hoefully she'll get both sides of the cinderella story by the time we're through with her! Muahahahaha! :D