Wednesday, January 2

santa's workshop

Our garage doubled as a workshop in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We refinished a rocking horse for Gracie (found at a garage sale) and a we made a play kitchen for Addy (out of an old TV stand). 





After all the hours we put into these projects, we hope they play with these every day for the rest of their lives.


Liz Smith said... That is amazing!

Megan said...

You guys are so cool. I love the remodels--super impressive!

Karisa and John said...

That is vision! Wowzas! They look great.

melissa said...

So rad! Jake's been thinking about making Rush a kitchen for a long time now. Hopefully he gets to it in time for Rushton's birthday next month! I love homemade Christmases. And garages! Your creations are awesome.