Tuesday, April 2

gracie turns one

Last Thursday our sweet Gracie Girl turned one. ONE!?!? I'm still in denial. She's been such a joy to us and she's learning so much, but I still feel like she was born 2 weeks ago.

But denial or not, we still partied hard.

The day of we met Dad at the park, played with friends, and then had cake and presents at home just the four of us. It was just right.

Our gift to Grace. And Addy. And ourselves.

She devoured (DEVOURED) her cake. She's our child for sure.


Joy and Ted said...

I haven't seen a cake pic like that in a long time. I love it!! Cute party theme too. :) I can't believe it has been a year already. And I got a little peek of you hair Jackie. It's so long and beautiful! I love that too! Thanks for your e-mail from forever ago. I'm just going to call you back soon!

Alicia said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet baby! I miss you guys so much.

melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Gracie girl! What a sweetheart. I love the cake shots. Nothing more awesome than babies and cake.

Michal Thompson said...

i had to check and double check your blog cause I really couldn't believe she is one!