Tuesday, May 28

remember lot's wife

I always thought this scripture would make a great bumper sticker:
"Remember Lot's wife." 
Luke 17:32

So when I saw Elder Jeffery R. Holland, an apostle from our church, had given a speech at BYU with my bumper sticker title, I had to check it out.


It was excellent. (Aren't his talks always?) His main point is to not live in the past, and to not let the past shadow or taint your future. He also counseled to forgive others and to allow others to move on from their pasts.

Our lives are constantly changing... we're adding children, saying goodbyes, changing jobs, meeting new people, moving to new places, aging,  yada yada yada. But I'm learning more and more that it pays to love and appreciate your past, but if you want to be happy you must still enjoy your present and look forward to the future.

So, I'm sorry about the salt thing, Lot's wife, but I do appreciate the lesson.

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