Friday, June 21

fort stevens

We camped at the very tip of the northwest corner of Oregon last weekend:

Fort Stevens is seriously such a gorgeous spot. You have the beach on the Pacific with a real-deal ship wreck, a beautiful jetty where the Columbia River and the ocean meet, and miles of green forests. So beautiful.

One of Gracie's BFFs, Jason

Hannah and Daisy

Sharing a picnic by a ship wreck. No biggie.

It was an operating fort until the end of World War II, so it also has a lot of history. Plus it's just 10 miles or so from historic Astoria.

Mountain biking around one of the old batteries

Astoria Column: we hiked up it for a

The Columbia meeting the Pacific
The Goonies house in Astoria, of course (disclaimer: I'm dressed for camping, not sight-seeing)

It was Gracie's first camping trip ever, and the first camping that Addy really remembered. It was chilly at night so Gracie wasn't amused, but I knew it would all be worth it when on our first night Addy looked up and said in awe, "Mom, look at all those trees!" That's called nature, Addy. Enjoy.

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Joy and Ted said...

Seriously, your blog is my favorite. I love your view on life, not to mention I love your family. And every time I think, "man,I should keep a blog." I doubt mine would be as cool. :)
Let's talk soon!!