Friday, June 28

old friends

Oddly enough, I've lived in Hillsboro before. My family moved here in right when I turned 7 for my dad's job, and then we moved away when I was 10.

I have really warped memories of the area because I was old enough to notice things but too young to realllly know what was up. You know what I mean?

One awesome thing about coming full circle is seeing people again. Like my dear, dear friend Amy. She lived on my culdesac and we play all. the. time. Like ALL THE TIME. We managed to see each other a few times as teenagers, so now that she lives about 45 minutes away we decided it was high time to reunite.

So we did. With our 2 kids each. We talked husbands, childhoods, hilarious memories, and family updates. It was simply wonderful!

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