Saturday, June 22

the hops de hillsboro

Hillsboro got itself a minor league baseball team, so Doug's office got themselves some season tickets.

Opening night in the new stadium was lovely. Double rainbow, a 12-0 victory, and some (baseball) celebrity sightings for Doug.

Two of Doug's favs are on the coaching staff: Ben Petrik (navy blue) and Doug Drabek (number 15)


Havalah Turner said...

oh my goodness, I don't know why I didn't realize this sooner, but we could be neighbors (so to speak). We are moving to Hillsboro at the end of July for Brigg's new job at Pacific University. Crazy! We are going to need a new dentist when we get there : )

Emily said...

Ben Petrik is a Glencoe grad. :) I went to high school with his younger sister. :)