Thursday, August 29

you'll like gracie... she's an artist!

She was a very methodical sticker-placer. 

underwear head

It never gets old.

Thursday, August 22

brown eyed girl

This morning out of nowhere Addy said, "Don't worry, Mom. One day your blue eyes will turn brown."

She really knows how to comfort me.

Saturday, August 17

our tomato plant is going gangbusters

I'm nearly hysterical with joy.

Thursday, August 15

first pigtails

A milestone for every young lady.

a doug and addy night

Doug asked Addy to a Hops baseball game, and she said--extremely concerned--"But who will watch me while you play?!"

We assured her Dad wouldn't ditch her and hop on the field. And once we mentioned cotton candy, she was on board.

Doug managed to keep her interested the entire 9 innings (miraculous!), and they had a simply wonderful evening out together.

Tuesday, August 13


We came, we saw, we Denvered.

I now have two sisters (Jessica and Cydney) in Denver, so the majority of the family congregated there. 'Twas delightful.

Grown-up night out. This dinner was honestly one of the best I've ever had. EVER.
The epic backyard super slide

4 out of 5 sisters

Pre-sushi boat

Post sushi-boat


Chilaxing Jr.

The Tired-of-Shopping Duo