Sunday, September 8

stalking trout

What do you do when you have a severe man-crush on an Angels' player named Mike Trout?

You follow him up to Seattle and stalk him at a Mariners' game. 

Look at that guy's face. He's as giddy as a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.

We went early to catch batting practice and try for some autographs. We got within 10 feet of Trout, but we never got a chance to talk to him. But Josh Hamilton did come by, and we got his signature. Doug loves Hamilton too and was QUITE pleased.

Our seats were spectacular. We were center field, right behind Trout. And when he hit a home run on his first time up to bat, it sailed right near us. Doug nearly experienced heart failure.

I think the highlight of the game, though, was when Trout came booking it towards us to catch a would-be home run. He jumped up against the pads right in front of us. We could have TOUCHED him. Or HUGGED him.

The catch was so good that Trout made the highlights reel, and therefore so did we. Do you see us below? Doug's in the white hat and I'm sitting down taking the picture above. We're basically famous now.

It was a spectacular game (the Angels even won). I'm not always a baseball fan, but I loved it. Sometimes stalking a man with your husband is a real blast.

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Karisa and John said...

No shame. John's got a man crush on 2 guys:
1) Chase Utley (Phillies)
2) Jimmer

Glad you guys were within reaching distance of this Trout guy!