Saturday, November 16

yogurt paint

Why, why, why?

Thursday, November 14

sister sister

They. Play. Together.


Sure they argue and yell at each other, but when they come downstairs in swimsuits (after Addy put on Gracie's) or when they play with a cardboard rocket all night, I don't mind the occasional fighting.

Plus, aren't they beautiful?!

Wednesday, November 13


And at long last, the real Halloween came. We wore more tights and got more candy.

Pan, Tink, Wendy, Croc

Addy kills me

We ate dinner with the cousins and then headed out.

We found the perfect spot for Addy's glow stick

Grace spent most of the night terribly afraid of cousin Jack's zombie costume and any other gory thing. She might need therapy later.

The parental loot. I love Addy's face here... sucker!!!
We take Halloween very seriously, and this year didn't disappoint. 'Til next year!

Tuesday, November 12


Of course we did pumpkins. But we're smarter now... carving less, decorating more.

Monday, November 11

halloween food

For some reason, I was a Halloween-themed-food machine this year. I guess I'll blame Pinterest.

The first occasion was the preschool Halloween lunch.

Grace was into it.

The other was a dinner the night before Halloween.

I'd be lying if I said this just for the girls.