Monday, December 30

california adventure: A+

I absolutely loved California Adventure. We had a hopper pass, which meant we could run amuck and visit both parks in one day. And we did.

My sister Jessica made these darling outfits. They were a  hit!
Christmas dinner in Flo's Cafe in Carsland. Call me excessively Disney, but that Carsland is pretty freaking impressive.

Addy still talks about the Little Mermaid ride 

My favorite "big kid" rides were here. One afternoon my parents watched our girls while we did the Tower of Terror (free fall) and California Screamin' (roller coaster). Preeeetty much my favorites.

The old Hollywood area was Spectacular (with a capital S)

The Pixar parade

Playing with some new princess toys (courtesy Grandma and Grandpa) on Christmas morning

Meeting Lightning McQueen

This tractor ride was awesome

Shaking her bon bon before the parade started

Radiator Springs all lit up

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Karisa and John said...

Tower of Terror is the best! And they switch it up every time, so you never know exactly when and how far you'll fall. You are selling me on Disneyland! I think my boys would go nuts at the Cars place.