Wednesday, January 8

welcome to the future!

So here we are in private land. Let the top-secret, controversial posts begin!

Just kidding, everybody. Fear not.

I'll show some kid pictures instead without worrying a total weirdo can see them too. (Not that some of you aren't weirdos... stranger weirdos is probably more accurate.)

Our little Addy is a sunbeam this year! She was absolutely thrilled. A friend told me she did great in there, only breaking form to stand up to do some silent arabesques during singing time.

She came home from church with a crown that said, "I am a child of God." It's been an important accessory this week.

 Even Grace has gotten in on the crown bandwagon.


Los Shafer said...

Yeah! You will still write? I love your writing, as you know, and I love your kids. I love you too. Love, love, love.... Thanks for inviting me.

Joy and Ted said...

Theo had his first day as a sunbeam too!! That's weird to think they are in the same class. Addy seems so much older! Thanks for your call. I will call you back soon!

Karisa and John said...

Yay Addy! She made it! Cole was just initiated into Sunbeams last week too, and for the first 75% of Primary, he did great, but during the last 25% (Singing Time)… he got sent back to Nursery! Ouch! He said he's going to really try very hard to make it the whole time next Sunday.