Monday, January 28

i stand corrected...

We just got sent home from work due to white out conditions. A local school district also closed and was sending all the kids home early.

I stand corrected, Utah. Please accept my apologies.

Friday, January 25

Monrovia, Casablanca

I’ve discovered that my computer at work refuses to stay in our time zone. I’ve tried to fix it several times, but it almost always lists its time zone as “Casablanca, Monrovia.”

I suspect my computer is living some sort of exotic life without me. Lame.

Monday, January 21

snow day

When we would wake up to snow in Pennsylvania, we'd run downstairs to listen to KYW News Radio 1060. They would announce school closings by district numbers, and sometimes you'd wait a good 30 or 45 minutes for them to call our number ("Come on, 755!!!"). In later years you could also call this phone number that everyone else in the Tristate area was calling too to see if school was cancelled (you normally had to push redial about 115 times before you got through). This was all worth it, though, because nothing and I mean NOTHING beat hearing your district number called out for the school closings. My heart skipped a beat every time I heard it.

So this morning when we woke up, I peeked out the window and lo and behold there was a ton of snow (or at least enough to make me not want to clean off my car). And, in a very painful twist of irony, my heart skipped a beat. I even thought, "SCORE! A snow day!!"

But then I realized I still had to get my fat butt out of bed because I'm in Utah and no one cancels anything because of snow, especially my employer.


But I tried to make the most of it by breaking in a new pair of jeans, so at least the day wasn't a total waste.

PS- Oh, and if you think my employer let us stay home for MLK, Jr. Day, you're wrong.

Sunday, January 20

michael j. fox is my homeboy

Last week I read "Lucky Man: A Memoir" by Michael J. Fox. You might know Michael from such films as "Back to the Future" and "Teen Wolfe," and such television programs as "Family Ties" and "Spin City." You might also know that he has Parkinson's Disease (or PD).

My grandpa that recently passed away also had Parkinson's Disease, and I think I read Mr. Fox's memoirs obsessively because of the picture it paints of the disease. Michael was a young man when he was diagnosed (only 30), and it was eye-opening to see how a disease like that can alter your reality. Michael gives a lot of background on PD, and I was amazed at how little I really knew about the disease. I was also surprised that things I thought I did know aren't even true. Reading him talk about his diagnosis and the decade following made me wonder how my grandpa must have felt when he started to get less and less control of his neurological system (especially knowing his personality). It must have been awful.

And although celebrities are what I like to call "fake people," they really do have families, loving relationships, and horrible tragedies and struggles (although they have all those things and a ridiculous amount of money). Michael is really open in the book about how he practically became an alcoholic to avoid dealing with his PD, and it was interesting to see him go through the "grieving steps" to face his disease. He's now much more positive and active in educating people about the disease and seeking a cure, and I gained a lot of respect for him. It makes me want to be more active about things like this myself.

I'm grateful I read the book, although I wish that I had read it years ago when grandpa was still alive. I wish I could recommend it to any of you, but there are enough f-bombs in it that I'd rather not have that responsibility. But when you're obsessed with understanding your grandfather, sometimes not even obscenities can slow you down.

So there you go.

PS- Michael J. Fox is also Canadian. Did you know that?
PPS- Michael J. Fox is also married to an actress that once played his girlfriend on Family Ties.

Monday, January 14

gone green

Doug humored me and bought me these reusable grocery bags for my birthday.

They rock my world. No joke.

And just an FYI...
Number of trees hugged this week: Zero
Number of times I've worn socks with birkenstocks: Also Zero

Thursday, January 10

meet molly

After 5 1/2 no-new-niece years, we're now proud to welcome Molly Sophia Wolfe to the fam. Born Monday January 7 to Stacey and Ben, 8 pounds 2 ounces.

And then there were four...

Sunday, January 6

the graduate

Important update: Doug passed all his classes last semester.

Important result: Doug's an official BYU grad!!!!!

Done and done.

Saturday, January 5

grandpa lewis

My grandpa Horace LeGrande Lewis passed away on Christmas Eve. Here's to the man that taught me the jitterbug in our garage, played tag with me on the beach, and taught me how to dry apricots on his roof.

We'll miss you, Grandpa!!!!

His obituary. Quite the life.

Thursday, January 3

a shafer Christmas

How to have a Shafer Christmas:
brought to you by Doug and Jackie

1. Have a white* Christmas, even if you're in Washington state. (*Note: Flurries still constitute a white Christmas.)

2. Watch several movies, including "Planet Earth," "National Treasure II," "Frosty the Snowman," and "It's a Wonderful Life." And when you're done, watch some more movies. And then some football.
3. Bowl over 100 for the first time! But still get schooled by everyone else.
4. Go sledding in the slightly deeper snow in Oregon with Stacey and the fam.

5. Watch Joyce ride a 4-wheeler like a champ.

6. Get spoiled rotten by everyone you encounter (both Shawn and Mike and Stace and Ben were fabulous hosts). Also eat most of their food.
7. Wear capes, no matter your age. Or size.

8. Lay around a lot. Look to Jackie and Kadi if you need advice on how to do it properly.

9. Hit up a visitor's center, such as the Mount St. Helen's one right by the Shafer's house. Take a stroll around the lake if you really want to spice things up. Also feel free to realize you're probably going to die by a volcano. All of us will.

10. Realize your family totally rocks.
10a. Realize you didn't mention hanging with the Meyersons in the Utah before we left! Hit up Temple Square and play a Singing DDR sort of game (dancing not optional) and love having sisters like Jenn.