Friday, September 23

twinkle twinkle

Whenever she sees a star (including a piece of teensy star glitter on the floor), she can't help but sing about it.

Oh, and she can't help but applaud her singing too.

Wednesday, September 21

reason #5,442 why we love having nieces & nephews

Our nephew Mason is one of the funniest, happiest kids you'll ever meet.

Apparently yesterday he wasn't feeling well, so during the night he came in to his parents and told them he had to throw up. His dad rushed him to the bathroom, and just as he's leaning over the toilet, Mason turns to Joel, grins really big, and says, "I'm going to throw up in the toilet!" And then he did.

Oh, Mase. You even know how to make throwing up funny.

Monday, September 19

babies babysitting babies

Addy is funny. She loves airplanes and cars, yet she still loves her baby dolls and all things domestic. She's always taken good care of her babies, but lately she's really stepped it up.

I found her changing a diaper the other day (she got all the supplies out herself),
and she insisted on feeding her baby while we had lunch... when I suggested the bib, she about wet herself (maybe she did? I may never know).
So basically I feel like by the time Perry is born, Addy will be ready to watch him/her while Doug and I go out. We just have to make sure she learns to not throw babies across the room before then.

Thursday, September 15

beach baby

Addy is such a beach person.

We made a last-minute trip to Virginia Beach on Saturday with the Miles fam, and the only pictures I got were of Addy playing in the sand.

She'd venture to the water every once in a while, but really she was just happy to dig, build, and roll around in the sand. She even let Doug bury her.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we're so sad our beautiful beach days are numbered. We'll miss you, Atlantic Ocean.

Wednesday, September 14

45 years

Today is my parents' 45th anniversary.

Cute couple, right?

With all the stress in our family right now, it's nice to have a milestone like this. Makes you realize that when your marriage is old enough to have a mid-life crisis yet you happily keep at it, you must have something good.

Happy anniversary!

(Within the next few months Doug's parents will celebrate their 35th anniversary, and we'll celebrate our 5th. Even steven.)

Friday, September 9

Thursday, September 8

i'd never fit in in saudi arabia

I just had one of the most exasperating 10 minutes that I've maybe ever experienced.

We have some new neighbors from Saudi Arabia, and I walked into our family room today to find their four kids standing at our sliding glass door. They beckoned me over, so I opened the door. Turns out they just wanted to say hi. The 13-year-old spoke a teensy bit of English, and we chit chatted as best we could.

But then they suddenly walked in and made themselves at home. The little boy grabbed a toy and took off down the hall, the next youngest girl sat on the couch with her plate and food and kept eating, and the older girls picked up Addy and smothered (like seriously smothered) her in kisses, causing her to have a class A freak out session. While I comforted Addy, the older girls sat on the couch and took turns trying to take Addy from me, and kissing her on the face when she kept crying. Meanwhile younger girl finished her lunch, and with a running start threw the plate and spoon out the back door. Makes sense, right?

I finally gestured to them that Addy was tired and I should go put her down, so could they leave? Addy truly was tired and we'd already exhausted the oldest girl's 5-word English vocabulary. They stayed on the couch, so I stayed put too. One of the girls walked to the front where I was hoping she was going to get the younger kids, but no--she just came back with a paper towel.

So... I kept telling them she was tired and that it was time for them to go. To leave. To say good-bye. I was racking my brain for different ways to ask them to go, realizing my pointing and shooing wasn't getting the job done. I even started saying out loud in English, "I just don't know how I'm going to get you out of my house. You're going to stay forever, aren't you?" No response.

I finally walked out the back door, signaling for them to come out too. They didn't take the bait, but one of the older girls did frantically point to the wrap on her head and point to my bare head. I told her I don't wear a cover, but I could see how concerned that made her. But not concerned enough to leave.

Finally, I walked back in to the front and grabbed the little boy by the hand. I pulled him towards the back door (with Addy frantically clinging to me in my other arm), and finally got through to the rest of them that it was time to go. The little boy wriggled out of my hand and ran to the front again. The sisters didn't seem fazed, so I went and got his hand again. I pulled him outside this time, and one of the sisters followed and held him. The other older girl started putting on her shoes too, but the younger girl thought it was a big game. I couldn't get her out. The sisters said a few things in their language, but the girl just kept running around the room, diving onto the couch, running to me and kissing Addy, and then running away before I could grab her. I finally lucked out and grabbed her by the wrist and wrangled her outside.

They didn't seem to think I had been offensive (I was worried they'd think I was nutso for dragging some stranger's kids around), and they waved goodbye like this had been a totally normal interaction. I shut the door, flipped the door lock, and turned to go. But lest I think it was over, the younger girl opened the door again (how?!) and ran back in. After dragging her out for the final time, I locked the door AND put the bar in it and gratefully watched them walk away, leaving just the plate and spoon behind.

I love the diverse cultures in our neighborhood, I really do. But today taught me that as a psycho boundary-obsessed American, I'd never fit in in Saudi Arabia.

Wednesday, September 7

feeling ridiculous

You might be pregnant if...
- you cry watching Flash Mobs on youtube with Addy.
- you wear a pony tail every day, and you're starting to think it looks good. Still.
- you email your sister-in-law to ask how pre-K and Kindergarten are for her boys, only to have her tell you they're actually in Kindergarten and first grade (airhead aunt of the year).

Oh well, at least all this stupidity let's me have a baby.

Tuesday, September 6

da cougs

Addy watched more of the BYU football game this weekend with Doug than I did.

And from the look on her face, she understood more of it than I did (I swear every fall Doug has to re-teach me the rules of football).

Oh well, at least Doug finally has a member of our family that's happy to watch da Cougs with him!

Friday, September 2

hey, where's perry?

Perry is what we're calling this kid, short for Parasite. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, and the due date is March 24. That's just 6 weeks or so before we move, so it's going to be ca-razy but good. Right, RIGHT?!
I have been sick and Doug's been gone a lot doing rotations at clinics in rural parts of Virginia. So here's how we've been coping:

- Watching an unhealthy amount of TV. Thank goodness for Sesame Street on Netflix and home videos on the computer.
- Eating what I can when I can... Doug got me this candy bouquet one weekend before he left for a week (I can't have fresh flowers in the house thanks to my allergies).
- Pretty much letting Addy do whatever she wants. Breaking that habit is going to be a blast!

We really are so excited, and we know time is going to fly before he/she arrives. Bring it on, baby!