Tuesday, July 28

the mooch

So that's what we're calling this kid. The Mooch. I mean, what else do you call a tiny person that mooches away all your power and strength? I guess you could call it a miracle (because, really, we're grateful such a thing is happening), but we'll stick with the Mooch for now.

We talk a lot about things Mooch likes and dislikes. I think Doug has a hard time believing me when I tell him the Mooch HATES it when I do dishes, and I guarantee I don't believe Doug when he claims the Mooch thinks it's awesome when I get tickled or otherwise annoyed. But it is what it is.

So stay tuned for more adventures with the Mooch. I predict it's going to be quite the ride.

Sunday, July 26

time flies

One year ago today, we first rolled into the Commonwealth.


Saturday, July 25

owning the jellyfish

Doug and I headed to the beach today with some folks, and we swam and boogie-boarded with jellyfish. As in, we totally owned them.

Actually, they all seemed to be dead. But they were EVERYWHERE. Floating in the water and washing up on shore. We even noticed some kids collecting them by the handful, doing who knows what with them.

We thought the kids were nuts at first, but then we noticed none of the jellyfish on the shore seemed to have their tentacles. And since we understand the intricacies of jellyfish (because, obviously, we've seen "Finding Nemo"), we knew it was safe to touch the tops. (Plus those little kids collecting them looked weird, but not stupid.) So a few of us did what anyone would do--we endured an initiation of holding a top in our hand.

It was awesome.

Wednesday, July 22

fun with jackie and doug

See Jackie. See Doug.
See them smile really big. Like, annoyingly big. Smile, Jackie and Doug, smile!

See the semi-uncomfortable, extreme close-up of their torsos.
Smile, despite extreme close-up of torsos, smile!

See why the heck we're showing torsos and smiling so much.
Smile, Miniature Shafer, smile!

Party time: January 2010

PS- We promise to not talk about smiling so much in the future. We just feel humbled and grateful and scared and inadequate, and all that leaves a person smiling for a while (out of fear or happiness, it's hard to say).

Thursday, July 16

apples to apples

These apples are courtesy the lovely apple tree in our front yard. Sure rotting apples are all over our front porch and yard, sure the apples are not worth eating on their own, and sure the apples fall on our roof and bushes and the sound gives me a heart attack. But we hear they're great for baking, so we're going to give it a shot.

The tree isn't very climb-worthy, so my sharp husband taped a wire hanger to an old curtain rod and used it to knock the apples loose. Pure genius.

Tuesday, July 14

oregonian coast

The week of the Fourth we went to Glen Eden, OR on the coast with Doug's fam.

First off, we got to meet these two little guys... Tyler (shown here in his cute blessing attire)

and Oliver (so dang squeezable...).

It was a bit chilly and windy, but we still beached it up and enjoyed just how beautiful it is out there.

We also checked out the aquarium, sharks and all.

(I hate snakes)

We had a blast! Thanks for all the eating, shopping, playing, and laughing.

he passed!

Doug got the mail today, and first used an envelope to get a dead beetle out of our mailbox that's been there for far too long. And then he realized said envelope contained his board exam results.

Gratefully, after weeks of waiting, the beetle corpse is out of the mailbox AND he passed his exam.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, July 12

zoo day

Whilst in Oregon we went to the zoo with my sister Stacey and her kids. We hung out with Molly and Jack, but we "accidentally" bumped into Jeff and Hannah too while they were at their zoo camp for the day.

I think we all look alike in this pic (stone elephant excluded).

This guy was staring us down. Spooky.

A teensy baby elephant? Swimming?! You should have heard the girly things coming from Stacey and me while watching this... we just couldn't deny the cuteness.

Sneaking Hannah-b away from her group.

We're so glad Jeff wasn't too cool to stop and see us too. (PS- Really? You're going to let me make that face? I look like I'm about to bite someone.)

Jack-Jack couldn't get enough of the train! He kept "oohing" and "aahing" at everything. Hilare.

The Wolfes crack us up, they are fabulous hosts, and it was a blast to see them all!

Friday, July 10

wouldn't it be hysterical if we went bowling?!

Last night we got together with some friends to celebrate summer, the end of Year 1, some birthdays, the fact that we were all in town at the same time for once, and so on. And we did what any of you would do... we went bowling.

And we came home and watched this treasure from comedian Jim Gaffigan, because let's be honest--he's exactly right:

PS- For the record, I was beating Doug for at least two frames last night. I shall record this in my journal.

Tuesday, July 7

earthquake in richmond

Apparently Richmond had an earthquake last night.

What the what?!

It was a magnitude 2.3 and the epicenter was just a few miles from us. I was dead asleep, but a few of my co-workers noticed it. Weird science.

Now that's just one more thing to add to my paranoia list...

Monday, July 6

dangerous jiggly substances

We spent last week in the beautiful PNW (Pacific Northwest, remember?), but I'll give a full report on that later.

For now I want to share a public service announcement: Yogurt is a dangerous substance. At least at the airport.

We left really early out of Richmond, so I had packed some food for breakfast on the plane, including an innocent little yogurt. In the past we'd inhaled yogurt before going through airport security because we were paranoid it'd count as a liquid, but this time we were running late and I felt confident it wouldn't be a big deal.

As we were waiting in the security line, Doug must have said to me four or five times, "I seriously think we need to get rid of the yogurt." But I kept reassuring him that it's not a liquid. This isn't that weird European stuff you can drink... it's Yoplait! It has chunks! I felt that TSA and I understood each other, and we'd get by with no problems.

Doug ended up being the one to put our carry-on bag with the yogurt on the belt to be scanned. As it came out the other side, I was about to say something snotty along the lines of "See, I told you so" when the security dude snatched the bag and asked who it belonged to. I just stared at the guy, so in my stupefied shock I left Doug with no other option but to claim the bag himself. They pulled Doug aside like a criminal, and the look he gave me shant be forgotten.

Luckily they just removed the dangerous container of yogurt from our bag and threw it away. No pat-down or strip search required. However, they also discovered our scary 4-ounce cup of applesauce and threw it away, because clearly it also poses a threat to national security. In Doug's own words, he said the guy told him that "anything jiggly" that could be smeared was a problem, whether we considered it a liquid or not.

Touché, TSA, touché.

Afterward I let Doug know he earned the "see-I-told-you-so" right, but he refrained. It did take him quite a while to get the smirk off his face, but that's to be expected.

So consider yourselves warned: don't ever have the audacity to sneak yogurt, applesauce, or anything else jiggly through airport security. You'll only be left delayed and without bragging rights, and that is never a good place to be.

the big 2-7

Happy birthday to Doug, by far my most favorite husband, friend, and 27-year-old.

Let the good times roll, Babe!