Monday, February 25

double take

I was flipping through a local coupon book we got with our (junk) mail. I saw that Doug's office had a new ad. Our brother-in-law owns the office, so I'm used to seeing a picture of my sister and her family. But I admit I did a huge double take when I saw OUR family picture there too. I didn't know they'd be using it, and it totally caught me off guard. So, I guess Doug really is a dentist or something. WEIRD SCIENCE.

Note to self: get Gracie to look at the camera next time. Eesh.

PS- They open at their new office today! It's pretty sweet.

Sunday, February 24

going to grandma's somedays

A quick weekend up in Washington made the girls quite happy. Addy is always asking to go to her Grandmas' houses "somedays," and meeting the Shafer cousins there was an added bonus.

Saturday, February 23


army guys

We have some army guys that Addy just has no idea how to play with. The guns and grenades are a mystery to her, so she just treats them like mini green dolls.

My favorites? Finding them giving each other hugs ("they need loves, Mom"),

and moving into her pink playhouse.

Good for them, right? Take a break from the war, boys.

Friday, February 15

new office

Wolfe Dental, the practice Doug is working for, is moving to a new office. Our brother-in-law just happens to own it, and it's been a labor o' love.

We're all pretty pscyhed about the new development. It's bigger, better, and 0.1 mile closer to home (the new place is across the street from the old one). They'll open officially at the new office on February 25, and after that I'll give you my full critique. But for now, I'll give it a tentative 5 out of 5.

Monday, February 11


Grace is developing some great new skills, and Addy stands (and climbs) proudly by as her mentor.

pinterest told me this would be a good idea

The girls loved it and the paint washed off like a dream, but somehow Doug and I ended up drenched.

Thursday, February 7

so I guess I say that a lot?

If you ever wonder what phrases you use a lot, just listen to your 3-year-old.

Addy: "I saw a spider in my room and I. FREAKED. OUT."
Addy: "Can I have some of that buttter?"
Doug: "Oh, that's mustard. Not butter."
Addy: "That's not butter? Oh, I see."
Addy (every time she helps get Gracie up from a nap): "Well, hello my little poopy girl! How's my wittle baby? Hello! Hello!"
Addy (at any give time): CRAAAAP.

Wednesday, February 6

tongue tied

We do a play group once a week with Addy, Annie, Claire, and Clara. Try saying those names together 4 times fast. 40 times in one morning.

Friday, February 1

super baby

Grace may look like she doesn't take cape-wearing seriously, but that's just part of her cover.

 Cute, right?

(We love capes.)