Wednesday, October 27

9 months in, 9 months out

Today Addy is 9 months old.

So 9 months ago the three of us were doing this...

...and today we were doing this.

I'm significantly more comfortable today than I was 9 months ago, but that day is still one of my most favorite days ever. I'd do it again in a heart beat, obscenity-causing labor pains and all.

I love that Mooch.

Monday, October 25


We headed to the apple orchard in Charlottesville again this year, this time with Addy ex-utero.

We went with the Lansings, and together we dragged our babies all over the orchard collecting pounds and pounds of what Doug calls the most delicious apples he's ever had (and he should know--he's from Washington State!). The weather was great (just a bit windy, thank you very much) and the view was killer.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Carter Mountain.

Tuesday, October 19

standing up

Fake-standing is all the rage these days.

(Doug and I can't stop laughing about how he and Wade look almost identical in this picture--same outfits, same stance, same faces. Hilarious.)

Monday, October 18


At the grocery store this morning one of the employees offered Addy a free balloon. I think it's her first encounter with a balloon, and it's pretty much made both of our days.

It took me forever to notice that she'd slipped off the wrapper on the lollipop weighing down the balloon. She was getting straight candy for who knows how long. No wonder she's such a fan of this balloon thing.

Sunday, October 17

Thursday, October 14

pumpkin patch

Sure it was a million degrees outside, but we love Halloween too much... it had to be done.

Monday, October 11

Wednesday, October 6

you do the math...

I have some new pills that I'm supposed to take 5 times a day every 4 hours during waking hours.


Huh. So part of the prescription is sleeping only 4 hours a night. Great.

Sunday, October 3

a baptism and birthdays

We made a long weekend of our trip up to NJ. Our 8-year-old niece Alexis was baptized on Saturday, and that was so SO nice... you could just feel the Spirit there and it felt good to be a part of that. My mom was also in town, so we got to celebrate both Lexi and Ty's birthdays together. It was quite the par-tay!
The birthday dragon cake (which Cyd made... pretty sweet!)

Scandalous token bath picture of the baby girls

Acorn wars are a serious thing in our family