Monday, April 29

whose kid is that?

Feeling like an awesome mom because I was finally caught up on Gracie's baby book.

After smugly flipping through the pages in Gracie's book, I realized I had glued in a bunch of baby pictures of Addy on accident.


voodoo doughnut

We finally tried out Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. 

Their menu is twisted and the neighborhood reeked of urine, but the doughnuts were DELICIOUS.

Friday, April 26

addy at 3

This girl is very 3 years old. She argues, she negotiates, and she tests our limits. But she's also thoughtful, helpful, and hilarious. I like that kid.

Thursday, April 25

spring has sprung

We're loving spring! More sunshine, more green, and more time outside. Just in time for me to NOT lose my mind.

Wednesday, April 24

full beard

Black beans make a great beard, don't you think?

Monday, April 15

nose job: post-op

Well, the surgery is done.

He was able to remove an absurd number of nasal polyps, remove some bones in one section of my sinuses (to improve my airway), and then clean out the whole shebang. The good news is that once he was in there he decided he didn't need to fix my deviated septum. The bad news is that he did discover that some of my sinuses were full of a jelly of mucous that's been there for who KNOWS how long.

Oh, you're disgusted by that? Well at least that jelly wasn't in your FACE.

The first day is pretty much a blur, but Doug, my sister, my niece, and my in-laws have all saved the day. They've cared for me and the girls, and given me what I sadly consider a vacation: a chance to lay in bed watching Netflix and popping painkillers.

The recovery has been better than expected. I don't have to wear the bandage anymore, and the pain is basically gone. I get the occasional headache, but otherwise I'm just tired and light-headed. I can already smell and taste a bit, and it's quite encouraging.

So nose job: check!

Tuesday, April 9

busy, busy

Dude, this girl is into e-ve-ry-thing. EVERTHING. I can hardly keep up with her.

Just wait until she's walking, eh? My oh my...

Wednesday, April 3

easter 2013

Egg hunting, egg coloring, Easter dress-ing, family dining, church-going: we covered it all this Easter.

Church Easter egg hunt on Saturday

Backyard Easter egg hunt on Sunday

Tuesday, April 2

gracie turns one, part II

On Saturday we had family available to celebrate with us, so we had a "Some bunny is one!" par-tay. We were able to have my sister's family and Doug's parents come celebrate with us.

The carrot cake didn't rock her world like the chocolate, but I think that's a given.

Cousin Hannah and the birthday girl

Oh how she loves this gift from Grandpa and Grandma Dunlop

With Grandma and Grandpa Shafer

gracie turns one

Last Thursday our sweet Gracie Girl turned one. ONE!?!? I'm still in denial. She's been such a joy to us and she's learning so much, but I still feel like she was born 2 weeks ago.

But denial or not, we still partied hard.

The day of we met Dad at the park, played with friends, and then had cake and presents at home just the four of us. It was just right.

Our gift to Grace. And Addy. And ourselves.

She devoured (DEVOURED) her cake. She's our child for sure.