Wednesday, March 31

if addy were a superhero...

...we have a feeling her cheeks would be her superpower.

Tuesday, March 30

10k time

Last Saturday, it was 10k time again. I opted out this year because of the baby-factor, so Doug started with the Miles and ran it without me.

We love this race because it feels like all of Richmond comes out. There are bands, costumes, and thousands and thousands of runners. Part of the race is raising money for cancer research, and we were glad Doug could represent for my dad.

At first I was relieved I wasn't running it (SUCKERS), but by the end I wished I was with them! Way to be, runners.

Wednesday, March 24

i walk the line

Who doesn't, right?

(Thanks for the sweet onesie, Aunt JESSY... not Jenny)

Monday, March 22

OBX, baby!

For Doug's Spring Break, we introduced Addy to the beach in Outer Banks, NC. Sure she experienced it under an infinite number of layers, but she still seemed to like the ocean.

We stayed in a beach house with a plethora of fun/kind/hilarious people, and we had a blast playing games, flying kites, collecting shells, hitting up a St. Patrick's Day parade, visiting the aquarium, shopping, and more.

Now that Addy's tasted the sweet nectar of vacations, she's hooked.

That's my girl.

Friday, March 19

what's better than more photos of addy?

A video of Addy!

Enjoy her cute tininess and overlook our annoying voices. Please.

Friday, March 12

addy goes pro

This gal was the star of a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Our friend and photographer Alicia did a fabulous job!

Check them out. Immediately.

PS- Want a behind the scenes look at taking these pictures? I think the picture below says it all.
Taking pictures of newborns is not for the weak. Alicia deserves a medal.

Thursday, March 11

how the smile was won

She may be smiling, but not for the cameras. It took a lot of paparazzi-type time to capture just one good smile pic in a non-blurry format.


Monday, March 8

west side

Sure those tiny fingers are flashing a gang sign, but Addy knows that there ain't no party like a west coast party 'cause a west coast party don't stop. Who can fault her for that?

PS- Tired of so many serious Addy faces? Well buckle up, because this girl has started smiling! On purpose!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 7

the wonder of the bjorn

You know those Bjorn baby carriers?

We're believers.

(Apparently we're not believers in doing my hair so I don't look 15 years old and completely sloppy, but whatever.)

Thursday, March 4

grandma shawn and grandpa mike

Grandparent Visit #2 has come to an end. Crap.

But thank goodness for fantastic people like you! Love you guys.

Monday, March 1

blessing time

Last Sunday this little lady was blessed!

Doug gave her a beautiful blessing, and we're so grateful for the family and friends that were able to make it.

My mom also made her a gorgeous dress, inspired by my wedding dress (like the picture below to prove it?).

I consider myself extremely biased, but this girl looked dang cute.