Friday, December 30

it had to be done

We took some inspiration from this genius photographer, and gave Doug's parents a Christmas gift they'll never forget... and a gift they'll never know what to do with.

*As "Anonymous" so politely put it, the link I originally used accidentally included a topless chick. The current link is safer. Let this be a lesson to you to not take pictures of your kids in just their diapers, or they'll be tempted to recreate it when they're older.

Wednesday, December 28

beach quad-ing

While we were in Oregon, the Wolfe's took us 4-wheeling on the beach. There are dunes and a stretch of the ocean reserved just for quads. Total redneck bliss. Plus, it was like we were on Baywatch, except we were wearing snow clothes instead of bikinis. We loved it.

Doug wanted to document that blue skies do in fact exist in the Northwest. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

We took the kids to play on the non-4-wheeling part of the beach, and all Addy wanted to do was run straight into the water. Are snow pants a flotation device?
After lunch we went to a part of the dunes called the Bowl. Guys were riding straight up the side. At first we were in awe that they had the guts to do it, and then of course the guys and my sisters had to take their turns trying it out. Gave me a friggin' heart attack, but they said it was a-mazing.

 Mom, Jess, Stace, Me, and Dad (and someone via cell phone?)

So 4-wheeling at the beach... who knew it was so great?

i turned 30

In classic Jackie form, I let my birthday last for as long as possible. Stage 1 was joined with our anniversary New York trip.

Stage 2 came as a total surprise.
We raced over to the Hutchison's from our Branch Christmas party for what I thought was our annual "Elf" movie night, but turned out it was really a night full of birthday glee. I seriously was so caught off guard... when they first yelled surprise, my birthday was the last thing on my mind. I thought, "Surprise it's a Christmas party?" Apparently turning 30 makes you slow.

The cookie game

The jingle bell game... 
...making fools of pregnant women everywhere

 Stage 2 was awesome. Thanks again, Richmonders!

Stage 3 was across the country in Oregon. My sister Stacey turned 40 just a few days before me, so we got to celebrate with her, my parents, and my sister, Jessica. And of course, my family spoiled me rotten when it was my big day. They even got me 30 small gifts for turning 30. I can't wait until I turn 50!!

On the evening of my birthday we headed up to Washington to be with Doug's parents and to commence Stage 4, where Doug's mom had a cake waiting for me. Holla!

So as you can see, turning 30 isn't bad. I'm grateful for the friends and family that mocked me for getting old and decrepit, but then enveloped me in love. Thanks again!

Saturday, December 24

merry christmas, yo

Hope your holidays are merry!

Doug, Jackie, One-Eyed-Santa & Baby Perry

Monday, December 19

our merry fake christmas

We gave our suitcases a break this Christmas and exchanged our little family's gifts early. So we had ourselves a merry little December 12, and enjoyed some gift-giving by garland-twinkle light.

Addy was super excited and grateful for every little thing (wrapping paper included). It was the best December 12 ever.

Saturday, December 17

Tuesday, December 13

tiny yogi

Addy takes my prenatal yoga regimen very seriously.

I appreciate her support.

Monday, December 12

a few days in jersey

We made our NY visit into a whole weekend, spending it with my sisters. Actually, we only got a few hours with Jenn's fam before they headed out of town themselves. But still, we'll take cousin time whenever we can get it!

We played games, watched movies, baked, and froze our booties at a Christmas festival.

We're seriously feeling the pressure to make the most of our time with our fam while we're still living in driving distance from them.

Sunday, December 11

catching on to the tackiness

We did the Tacky Light Tour again this year, but unlike last year Addy cared about it this time... score! She was all about the "Keesmas yites."

In fact, she liked them so much, this was her reaction when we tried to leave our favorite 2-house display:

Tuesday, December 6

totally wicked

So I've been a fan of the musical "Wicked" since before we got married. I knew the music, but I'd never seen the show. When we moved east of the Mississippi we vowed to see it, but to save ourselves for Broadway (cue jazz hands).

With our east coast time winding down, we finally decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary/my 30th birthday by going up to the city at Christmastime and see the show. We drove up to NJ, and then Cydney watched Addy for the day while we took the train up and experienced what we like to call the New York Mega-Date.

Christmas window shopping (our favorites? Tiffany's and Bergdorf Goodman... well done, 5th Avenue)

The Rock in daylight (sadly, no Tina Fey)

Doug holding hands with an idol in FAO Schwartz

(I think you'll be pleased to see we took FULL advantage of the self-portrait pose. It's almost like we just superimposed ourselves in front of a bunch of NY tourist traps. Tricky, eh?)

Central Park

The Rock at night

Times Square

Finally seeing and LOVING "Wicked"

Maybe we were hungry, but I was really craving pizza so we found this delicious formerly-known-as-Ray's pizza place that was so SO good. But have you seen that Office clip where Michael talks about his favorite NY pizza? We were almost tempted to eat there too.

We had time to see everything on our Christmas sight-seeing list, and even had time to just sit in the ridiculousness that is Times Square, sip hot chocolate, and share a black and white cookie. The weather was perfect, and we loved how easy-going the whole day was.

The whole mega-date was a true, true success.

Monday, December 5

addy hearts chocolate milk

We've tried to protect Addy from the goodness that is chocolate milk, just in case she loved it and never looked back.

Well, Cydney watched Addy for us last week and took care of the choco milk issue on her own. Thanks, Cyd.

And here's another just because Eliza and Addy are cute.

Sunday, December 4


This Thanksgiving my sister Cydney came down with her family. We kept it classy and decided to eat out... at Cracker Barrel. We were surrounded by both dress clothes and camouflage. It was fun, tasty, and easy. And as grateful I am for fun and ease, I'm even more grateful I got to spend the day with my family.

One should always eat out on Thanksgiving with a school-made pilgrim and indian

Dessert at home... mmmm boy

Yay for cousins, moustaches, and air mattresses in your family room

We also shopped, played games, and ran around outside. We even got a sweet bonus visit with our Aunt Kris, Uncle Craig, and cousin Katelyn who were here visiting Kurt. It was a good weekend indeed.

Tuesday, November 29

copy cat

These days Addy isn't so much into copying us--it's more having us copy her.
I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "Come on!" and see her beckoning me over to her. Sometimes it's to play a toy with her, and sometimes it's to do weird stuff like lay flat on our backs together on the floor. Funny kid.

Sunday, November 27


If you decide to just "get up and go" shopping mid-morning of Black Friday without showering or getting ready, you will run into at least 10 people you know. It's a fact.

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and your Friday black!

Sunday, November 20


Once again it's Movember, the month-long mustache-growing event that raises awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that afflict men. Doug's grown a mustache for the month, and every time someone asks him, "What's with the creepy stash?" he can direct them to and encourage them to make a donation.

 As many of you know, my dad is battling prostate cancer. So as much as I hate my husband having a mustache (especially on our anniversary... ugh), I have to admit I'm really touched that he and the other Mo Bros are happy to participate and tell everyone how they can help kick cancer in the face.

My brother-in-law Ben has set up a donation page for his Mo team. If you're able, please go there to learn more or to make a donation.

 Go the Mo!