Wednesday, July 30

dear internet provider...

Dear Verizon,

I appreciate the quick and easy way you let me set up our internet service with you. I also appreciate your free installation and free router. However, is there ANY WAY you can come and install said internet service any sooner than August 6?! The guy I'm sitting next to in the public library right now is wearing head phones, yet I can hear every ounce of his hip-hop music. I'm not sure how long I can last.


J. Shafer: Virginian

Friday, July 11

why yes, we are still moving

I'm sure many of you are wondering how on earth we could still claim to be moving, but it's true. We packed most of our stuff before our trip to WA, and now that we're back we've packed up an ABF U-pack container (thanks for the testimonials, folks!) and we're currently cleaning our apartment. We were going to leave the UT today, but it looks like we'll actually be headed out tomorrow.

The best part? We can claim to be moving for a few more weeks! Huzzah! We'll be driving to VA, but we're making stops in Denver to see Jessica and Birmingham to visit the rest of my fam. We'll be down there until we can move into our apartment in Richmond on July 25. So I'll be sure to try and get a lot of poor me moving attention until then.

Wednesday, July 9


We just spent a fabulous week with Doug's fam in Washington. We are in the midst of moving so I will simply tell the story con picturas. Enjoy!