Wednesday, September 30

P.S. I won

Sure it's because I had a sweet set-up from the start and Doug coached me on every single play, but who cares... I'm still going to let the power go to my head.

Global domination is sweet.

Monday, September 28

The Game of Global Domination

After years of trying to convince me that Risk is not lame, Doug finally got me to play with him last night.

He was so excited he took a picture of our unfinished game board (although part of me wonders if he's trying to make sure I don't cheat whilst he's not at home).

We're not done yet, but overall I'm finding it to be un-lame. I'm also developing a greater appreciation for Kramer, Newman, and the Ukraine:

Thanks, Doug.

Wednesday, September 23

just when i thought my mom couldn't be more awesome...

...she makes us these:

Doug's very own adult-size superhero cape,
customized to his taste and style.
(He's been dreaming of one for some time.)

And a bonus mini-cape for the Mooch.

To die for...

fashion forward

Normal pants = tight, super uncomfortable
Maternity pants = saggy butt, super comfortable

Parenthood is about sacrifice, right?

Monday, September 21

please help me be domestic

Anybody have a good white or wheat bread recipe for a breadmaker?

Mine = horrible

If so, please call or e-mail me! (

Sunday, September 20

brother time

Doug's brother Ben came to DC for work, so we got to meet him, Janaya, and Burton for dinner.

Brother time is good.

Thursday, September 17

it's a...

You got it! She's a she! We're so happy to see she's moving and healthy and sporting some great fingers and toes.

The Mooch will be the first girl-baby of the Shafer grandkids--there are 6 boys already, and Doug's dad informed us his future football team is officially going to be co-ed.

We have a zillion grandkids on the Dunlop side, but this little girl is coming just in time to join a cute line of granddaughters. I have four older sisters, and in the past two years each one has had a girl in age order (first my oldest sister, then my second-oldest, etc.). The Mooch was probably too scared to break the pattern.

PS- You better believe Doug is wearing one of my shirts in this picture. He owns nary a pink shirt, so we had to improvise. Real men wear pink for their daughters... at least that's what I keep telling him.

Wednesday, September 16

si, exactamente!

These tell me I need to be hanging out with more people from Buenos Aires.

Thank you, Janaya and Burton, for sharing these treasures with us!

Monday, September 14


I needed some sister time, and Doug was kind enough to oblige. So we made a three-day weekend and headed North.

We stayed at the Meyersons' new house, and loved, loved, loved the new place!

We played with some of the cutest kids around,

proved that Batman could indeed dominate Superman (although he sure put up a good fight),

tuckered out one baby,

and tried relentlessly to get another baby to stand (Doug may have been obsessed).

It was very, very fun, and just what I needed. Cyd and Jenn also hooked me up with an infinite amount of maternity clothes (a compilation from all four of my sisters... thank you!!) and other various baby items. I'm quite spoiled.

Thanks for another great visit, ladies!

Wednesday, September 9

finally growing up...

After 10+ years of operating a vehicle, I finally get how to use cruise control.

Better late than never.

Tuesday, September 8

the fishing series

Please enjoy Doug's catches, none of them large enough/edible enough to keep.

Caught on the second cast!

Bit bigger... not bad...


Not shown: The fishing/game warden dude checking Doug's fishing license, and then walking back past us a little later carting someone away. We assume they were taking the man to prison for not having a fishing license. Don't mess.

lake anna

Sunday night we camped with some friends up at Lake Anna. We had a sweet campsite right near the lake, so on Monday Doug fished, I read, and we played on the beach. The weather was perfect, the company was delightful, and I inhaled a ton of roasted marshmallows. Now THAT is a successful camping trip.

It's only an hour away, so you better believe we'll head back there again.

We neglected to take any pictures until Monday, so these few will have to do.

A snake I almost stepped on. Fun fact: I h-a-t-e snakes and Doug loves them, yet I'm ALWAYS the one that finds them when we're out and about. It kills me.

Wednesday, September 2

11 p.m. kickoff

Who would want to play football at 11:00 p.m. on a weeknight?!

Oh yes, this guy would. Let the intramural football season begin!

Tuesday, September 1

new profile pic

Late last night I informed Doug we needed a new picture for our blog profile.

And those were the good ones. I think we'll try another time...