Friday, April 30

growing up

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

1 month

2 months

3 months

Thursday, April 29

3 months

This little Mooch is already 3 months old. I can't decide if it feels like she's always been with us, or if it feels like she just got here! I suppose it's a bit of both.

But I'll say to all of you what I say to Doug almost every day...

I DARE you to not be in love with this face. I DARE you.

Wednesday, April 28

oh for the love...

See this weird little tooth thingy?

It's from some class Doug had at school. He brought it home forever ago, and it's been pushed all around the house looking for a home. I've seen it sit on the kitchen counter (with the waffle maker?), on our dresser, on Doug's nightstand, on the stairs, etc. Last week when I went to clean out the lint tray in the dryer, what did I find? Weird little tooth thing, trapped with all the lint. I showed Doug, who had a good laugh. He obviously put it right back in his pocket, because what did I find in the lint tray again today?

Yeah, you guessed it.

I think I know where it's going to be found next, and it rhymes with brash ban.

Monday, April 26

bon voyage

We met up with this guy this weekend to say a bittersweet goodbye.

Scott is one of my dearest pals from college, and he's been living in D.C. for several years. But now he's moving to Kenya (yeah, AFRICA) for two years for work. An exciting opportunity, but we're going to miss his guts.

Sunday, April 25

a battle of wills

Doug and I have this awful habit of not cleaning the waffle maker immediately after using it. And since we don't wash it right away, the waffle bits on it become petrified and like unto cement. A culinary nightmare.

So when one of us does the dishes, it's easy to just push the waffle maker aside and hope the other one will wash it. We'll clean the kitchen until it's spotless--shoot, we'll even clean greasy, nasty pots and pans--yet the waffle maker will stay there on the counter, untouched and uncleansed.

The best part is we really don't talk about it, probably because we feel like if we talk about it one of us is going to have to suck it up and wash it ourselves. And I don't know about Doug, but I do NOT want to be that person.

We had breakfast for dinner 11 days ago. The waffle maker is still on the counter.

The battle of wills wages on...

Wednesday, April 21


We haven't even shown her "Young Frankenstein" yet, and she's already acting out one of the best parts.

Quoting a movie at a remarkably young age? That's our girl.

PS- This is one of her latest tricks. She pulls it out when she's tired, and thanks to it, she's developed a gigantor bald spot in the back of her head.

PPS- Don't know the movie scene? Get a visual here.

guess what she found?

And there the binky sits, dissed and dismissed.

Son of a gun...

Monday, April 19

this week

This picture sums up a lot of this week:
- Addy suddenly likes sucking on her binky (and her thumb... and her fists...)
- Doug is bald
- Addy fights us at almost every meal, not wanting to eat for some reason
- We're tired

And remember this cute onesie my mom made? Our little super hero tried it out this week. It was a hit. Mostly.

Friday, April 16

you're so vain

Well, enough poor me... let's focus on Addy's vanity, instead!

This girl can't get enough of the mirror on her play mat. I don't blame her for being conceited, though. If I had delicious cheeks that like I'd be staring at myself all day too.

Wednesday, April 14

tired of coughing

So I've been coughing since December. I know it was December for sure, because on Christmas Day I coughed so hard I threw up. Awesome. It mostly plagues me at night, but every other day or so I get a daytime visitation. It's terribly frustrating. I cough stuff up pretty regularly these days, and you should see Doug's face when I ask if he wants to see it.

I've tried antibiotics, inhalers, and home remedies. No difference. Two weeks ago a doctor did some bloodwork and x-rayed my lungs, and found nada. NADA. She concluded that I have an allergy to mold. Jigga what? Apparently mold had a heck of a run in our area last fall, so she said she wouldn't be surprised if that's what's ailing me.

Since then I've been taking Zyrtec and an asthma medicine called Singulair. No difference yet. I guess there are stronger asthma medicines I could take, but I can't take them while I'm breastfeeding.

The cough has become such a regular part of our lives, that Doug is starting to be able to sleep through it and Addy seems to recognize me by my cough. If I cough around her, she looks right over at me. "Mom? Oh, there you are!"

So if you hear my hacking cough the next time I see you, rest assured I haven't taken up smoking. My lungs are simply growing mold.

Tuesday, April 13

this baby

She slept from 8:30 pm to 4:30 am, ate great, and then slept until 8:30 am.

Gotta love this girl.

Monday, April 12

this is pretty sweet

Just saw this on a friend's blog, and couldn't deny the awesome-ness. Don't let the title offend you... the content is quite uplifting.

Thursday, April 8


Everything covered in pollen + 90 degrees outside... what season is it exactly?

Tuesday, April 6

learning patience

We figure our inner need to play dress-up with her is giving her the opportunity to learn patience. Aren't we generous?

Monday, April 5

5 cousins, 3 aunts, 2 uncles, and a baby in a bunny costume

Addy met a LOT more of the family this Easter weekend. And she seemed to like them.

We saw Aunt Whitney who was visiting with her sisters in D.C.,

...and then we headed up to NJ for Easter to see my sisters and their families.

Chase was the fireman/birthday boy.

It was a fast weekend, but it was so good to see family and celebrate together!