Saturday, April 23

happy easter!

Doug, Jackie & Addy "Tulips are the WORST" Shafer

Wednesday, April 20

bird leg

What's that on the hood of the Honda?

Oh, just a bird leg, hip and all.

How it got there, we may never know. And how we'll get it off, I personally don't want to know.

Monday, April 18

achilles heel

Addy isn't much of a cuddler. She needs to be exhausted, ill, or completely distracted for her to sit with you.

Fortunately the other night we discovered a weakness... rubbing her stomach.

It buys you at least 3 minutes of time together. And we'll take it.

Wednesday, April 13


Today I wrote my last entry in a journal I started in November 1997 when I was almost 16. Yes, it took me 13 years to fill 184 pages.

In my defense, I did fill a separate journal for my 18-month mission. At least I have that. But overall, not impressive dedication for a girl that enjoys writing, eh?

Reading back through this record has brought me to three conclusions:

  1. I'm emotional, bipolar, and dramatic at every single age. 17? 25? Pretty much the same.
  2. I'm ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. There was a 5 day stretch where I went from considering marrying one guy to pretty much being in love with another guy. Oh, Jackie at 20... you can wear a person out.
  3. I've learned a lot in 13 years, mostly from stupid mistakes. But valuable lessons still.

So I'm glad it's filled. But as I said in an entry back in 2002, may my posterity not think I'm psycho.

Tuesday, April 12

spring festivus

Spring has sprung around here.

On Saturday we went to a local Spring Festival. The theme of the day for Addy was "hold a wrapped lollipop and don't smile for pictures." She pretty much stuck to the theme the whole time.

She actually had a great time with her first egg hunt, first petting zoo, first mascot, and first clown + balloon animal experience.

(I was significantly more competitive than Addy in the hunt. Only one parent was allowed in at a time, so Doug yelled commands from the sidelines. Addy pretty much sucked on her wrapped lollipop and ignored the eggs.)

The festival was at the Richmond International Raceway, happy (right, Addy?) home to our NASCAR races around here. 

The best part of the grounds was seeing the events held in some buildings there: a magic trade show and the Intergalactic Bead Show (yep, intergalactic).

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. The trees were blooming and my allergies were booming, but it was deliciously warm. Yay for Spring.

Thursday, April 7

smoothie mustache

Spinach/fruit smoothies are all the rage at our house.

Tuesday, April 5

10k? check!

Last Saturday we ran the Monument Avenue 10k here in Richmond.
With 41,000 runners, it was a blast as always. We loved the bands, the costumes, and the chance to be a part of Richmond... you can't help but love all the strangers cheering you on and the 100s of people running for cancer fundraising.

We had my dad on our minds (and our backs),

and last minute Doug decided he wanted to wear a costume... hence the sweet tooth cape.

It's always fun to see which friends are participating, and to realize just how badly they're going to school you (even when they're pregnant... amazing).

While the spirit of the race was really fun, I have to admit that it was a really hard run for me. My time was nothing to brag about, but I'm still so relieved to know I finished. My health this past year has really shaken what little confidence I had in my running ability. I felt sick and exhausted off and on for so many months that it was difficult to do anything without a coughing attack or an allergic reaction to something. I didn't start really running regularly again until the end of February, and I didn't dare do anything far from home or without my trusty inhaler.

In early March I braved my first run outside since before Addy, and I was able to run about 3 miles without coughing or stopping. I came in the house and just started bawling... I was so grateful to feel like I was finally healing. While Doug probably thought I was capital C-razy at times like that, he's been so supportive and I couldn't have finished the 10k without him. He stayed with me the whole run the day of, and he helped us run non-stop the whole time. Thinking of the hard things my dad has gone through helped motivate me too... I didn't want to wimp out on him.

So running the 10k? Check!

Looking like trash the whole time but not vomiting or swearing? Double check!

Monday, April 4

it's genetic

Doug's style was only a midpoint on his way to shaving his head; Addy's style is that crazy just about every day of the week.

Saturday, April 2

perhaps you've heard of his school now?

Most non-Virginians we talk to have never heard of Doug's school, Virginia Commonwealth University.

So when VCU made it into the final four, we were psyched (a) for Richmond... they were SO proud of their underdog team, and (b) for people to actually learn the school existed!

I was downtown tonight when they lost, but it was hilarious to still hear people cheering in the streets. I guess people were just happy to have VCU make it that far.

Viva la Rams!